The hard learned experience about why you should always close your car's windows when parking have been well articulated below this article.

It was one evening where an unfortunate misunderstanding unfolded between one guy and the men in uniform (the police). It was an unexpected turn of events that left him bewildered and on edge.

He had received an invitation to a party where his close friend was celebrating his 15th wedding anniversary. Although, he personally does not understand the fuss about celebrating such milestones, he decided to join in the celebration and show his support. The only requirement for entry was to bring a bottle of beer, regardless of whether one intended to consume it or not. 

With that in mind, he made his way to a certain famous Filling Station in his home town whilst driving in his aging VW Passat, where he was to buy alcoholic beverages in a tuck shop.

Given that the air conditioning in his car was out of order, (had been for a while), he opted to leave the windows open, as he was confident that his visit to the shop would be not take long.

Little did he know that a series of unrelated events were about to converge in a most unexpected manner he would not leave the windows open.

As fate would have it, the police were in pursuit of street vendors selling various goods like bananas, papayas, groundnuts and boiled eggs. In the midst of the commotion, one of the vendors, for reasons known to themselves, decided to drop his two trays of boiled eggs in his car and then continued to make his escape from the marauding authorities. 

Oblivious to this development, he returned to his vehicle carrying a six-pack of Hunters Dry getting set for the party at friend's house.

To his astonishment, he found three furious looking police officers standing beside his car, like bodyguards, their expressions filled with anger and suspicion. A surge of alarm coursed through his veins as he tried to comprehend the situation before his two eyes. Opening the car door, thinking that the cops were there on other business, his eyes fell upon the unexpected sight of two trays of boiled eggs. Confusion washed over him, leaving him utterly perplexed as to how that bizarre scenario had come to pass.

With an unfriendly tone, one of the police officers pointed out, "Your associate who was illegally selling eggs has left his merchandise in this vehicle and fled."

Baffled, he attempted to clarify to the cop and said: "I came here solely to purchase this." He raised the six pack of hunters gold in the cop's direction and he added: "Your accusations make no sense to me."

"Hey! Hey! Don't try to play smart with me, okay?" the same cop retorted, accusatory finger aimed towards the man's direction.

A concerned female fuel attendant that had been watching the whole scene approached, eagerly to shed more light on the events that had transpired. But, her explanation fell on deaf ears as the cops remained convinced, that their perspectives was the legitimate one.

"We will need to take this vehicle to the police station," declared the officer, his suspicion unwavering, his words causing the man's temper to fray.

"If you want my life, just say so officer," The guy retorted, with his voice quivering, "I have no knowledge of the person who left those eggs and for whatever reasons", added the guy. With a strong tone he said; "I am not accompanying you to the station."

With that note; time was not on his side then he swiftly took the trays of eggs from his car, and placed them on the parking lot grounds. Ignoring the officers' menacing glares, he started off his car and drove away, leaving behind a cloud of tension and unanswered questions.

This is why we opted to share to the world this hard learned experience to never leave your motor vehicles at parking lot without closing the windows.

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