There have been many issues surrounding growth of a human and you find some grow old with all features intact in their bodies whilst others whilst in their youths they are looking in improper appearances. This article will discuss 7 top secrets to keep you health and strong to grow old in good looking.

Top number secret is to avoid sleeping with multiple partners. This will help you genetically to prevent your blood from mixing up with other type of blood which have infections or are easily growing old with week bodies.

Top number two is avoid starting a fight. Fighting will cause you more harm and your body might be damaged. For example you had a fight and someone uses a material that can break your teeth then you will automatically change the way you are supposed to be appearing.

Third secret is to avoid smoking cigarettes. Cigarettes as per world health organization states that smoking can kill or destroy your life. When you are a Chainsmoker you reduce your years of living as many diseases like Tuberculosis (TB) will catch you and you will never grow old in great health.

Avoiding drinking spirits is another secret I am sharing in this article. When you are a drunkard you loose some senses. For example you get drank you start a fight your enemy will destroy you easily or you drive whilst drank then you cause accidents and die so quickly.

The other top secret to live long in great health is to avoid eating too much fatty foods. For instance you eat too much cakes, pizzas, chips and chicken. These foods will grow more fats in the body and more diseases will develop due to closing up of muscles failing to relax and breath end result dying so quick.

Another top secret is avoid talking too much. The mouth's main purpose is to speak, eat and breath. Unfortunately other people due to not minding their own business, they are using mouth to dent others through gossiping. When the gossip reaches the owner a fight or any act can be planned to deal with you.

The top number 7 secret is to moving or walking around unnecessary or anyhow. Just by staying in doors mostly you avoid your enemies. Most enemies finish us in many ways when we are outside the homes. When you are always quiet at home you are safe and avoid many things that can quicken your death.

In this article I was discussing top 7 secrets that we need to be smart with to help everyone grow old and in great shape of life. The some of secrets discussed are: avoiding sleeping with multiple partners, avoid smoking cigarettes, avoid alcohol, avoid gossiping, avoid walking unnecessarily and also avoid eating too much fatty foods.

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