As a mother, it is our responsibility to provide our girl children with the guidance, support and skills they need to be successful in life. This includes teaching them important values, knowledge and behaviors. Here are 10 important disciplines all mothers should give their daughters:

1. Resilience: We must teach our daughters how to respond to difficult situations and problems with grace and fortitude. Encourage them to pick themselves up after facing difficulties and keep on going.

2. Self-respect: Every woman should respect herself and value her self-worth. As a mother, you should be a role model of this, showing her how to love and care for herself, set boundaries and know her rights.

3. Kindness: Encourage your daughter to be kind and compassionate to everyone, including herself. Help her to practice the art of kindness and use it as an everyday tool to navigate life.

4. Hard work: Teach her to be disciplined, responsible and resourceful in life. Let her know that working hard is essential to reaching her goals and becoming a strong woman.

5. Healthy living: Nourish your daughter's mind, body and spirit by introducing her to a healthy lifestyle and habits. Help her learn the importance of a healthy diet and how to stay active.

6. Empathy: As she grows, help her to cultivate a deeper understanding of others, learn how to share in their experiences, and express her compassion and understanding.

7. Confidence: Women are constantly subjected to double standards and judgement, so it's important to instill in your daughter a strong sense of confidence in who she is and the path she chooses to take.

8. Independence: Let her know that it is perfectly alright to be independent, make her own decisions, and take risks if needed.

9. Leadership: Help your daughter develop her own leadership skills by providing opportunities for her to lead and influence those around her.

10. Open-mindedness: Introduce your daughter to different perspectives, help her explore ideas and discuss topics freely. Encourage her to think outside the box and understand different points of view.

By teaching our girl children these important disciplines, we can set them up for a successful and fulfilling life.

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  1. I love the whole concept and the the way the points have been laid out for easy understanding