This article will discuss top 10 reasons why men who are over 60 years old should not marry again. Read through the end and discover why?

1. Lower life expectancy: Statistics show that the average life expectancy for men over 60 is lower than in generations past. This means that marrying later in life can drastically shorten a man’s life expectancy, especially if they have underlying health issues.

2. Divorce rate: The divorce rate in the US has skyrocketed over the past few decades and has disproportionately affected men over 60. This can create additional strain on a relationship if the couple cannot agree on fundamental issues such as finances and future planning.

3. Children’s happiness: Marrying in the later years of life often means there will be no children involved, which can leave older couples feeling lonely and isolated from their own family. In addition, older couples who remarry will be competing with the idea of ‘normal’ family dynamics that young families typically have.

4. Lack of common interests: Marrying someone from an earlier generation means there may be fewer shared interests. Technology and culture may be entirely foreign to an older partner, making it difficult to bond on certain levels.

5. Different life experiences: Men over 60 who remarry are more likely to find themselves in relationships with women who have different life experiences. This can create conflict and misunderstandings over what is normal or expected.

6. Unexpected expense: When a man over 60 remarries, they may find themselves in a situation where they are supporting their new family. This may be more expensive than originally anticipated and cause stress to a marriage if both partners are not financially prepared.

7. Stress from work: When men over 60 remarry, they often find themselves with additional financial pressures, such as supporting their spouse, children or even grandchildren. This can create a lot of stress for an older man and his family if he is working full time or is trying to find another job to help with the added expense.

8. Decreased independence: In a new relationship, it is often necessary to sacrifice some independence in order to have a successful relationship. Men over 60 may be hesitant to give up the independence they have enjoyed in the past.

9. Feelings of insecurity: Men over 60 who remarry may have difficulty coming to terms with the idea that they are getting older and are in a relationship with someone significantly younger. This can lead to feelings of insecurity or even competition between the partners.

10. Social pressures: Men over 60 may find themselves in relationships with someone from a different social class or cultural background, leading to tension between the two. This can also make it difficult for an older man to fit in with their new partner’s social circle.

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