Finding ways to entertain your family can often feel like an uphill battle. Sure, there are outdoor activities, board games, and card games, but in a time when staying indoors is increasingly recommended, these aren’t always an option. 

Luckily, technology provides a host of games to choose from that can keep families entertained in their free time, without even having to leave the house. Here are 10 of the best mobile apps and games to try, sure to provide endless hours of family fun. 

1. Pokemon Go – Trainers of all ages will enjoy taking to the streets and hunting down their favorite creatures in this ever-popular game. Just remember to maintain social distancing, and that it’s just a game! 

2. Catan – Test your strategic planning and cunning in this award-winning strategy game. From trade routes and settlements, to developing a prosperous economy, this is sure to keep your family occupied for hours on end. 

3. Candy Crush – Classic and beloved by many, Candy Crush Saga can help alleviate the pressure and monotony of everyday life, as well as offering quick fixes for your sweet tooth. 

4. Angry Birds – Have hours of explosive fun taking aim and annihilating pesky pigs! Choose from the classic game, its different incarnations, or Angry Birds Star Wars for extra adventure. 

5. Uno – Perhaps the greatest family game ever invented, UNO allows family members of all ages to join in on the action and fun. Get into character by playing the Spin and Scream variant for added hilarity! 

6. Words with Friends – Practice your English vocabulary skills and play with people from around the world in this classic, updated take on the board game, Scrabble. 

7. Dots – This award-winning, visually stunning game will not only keep your family entertained, but it also promotes strategizing, counting and understanding relationships between colors and numbers.

8. Quiz Up – Perfect for the knowledge buffs in the family, QuizUp tests your smarts and expertise with thousands of different trivia questions.

9. Rummy 500 – Brush up on your rummy and have endless fun by testing your skill in the various card-based versions, as well as changing your settings according to difficulty level. 

10. Spades – Deceptiveness and slyness will prove your mettle in this online version of the card game, Spades. Best to check who you are playing against first – the games are live! 

Overall, there’s a wealth of options out there to keep families entertained in their free time. Now is the time to choose your app and keep everyone’s brains busy for hours. Enjoy!

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