s humans, we find ourselves constantly searching for meaningful ways to experience life and make it enjoyable and memorable. Celebrations are one of the many wonderful ways to bring happiness and love into our lives, as well as joy, excitement and wonder. 

For those of us wanting to give ourselves the gift of celebration, here’s a top 10 list of the must-do dates everyone should try! 

1. New Year’s Eve. Ringing in the new year is a powerful, shared moment that reminds us all to dream big for the year ahead. Don’t just let it pass you by - make it special! 

2. Your Birthday. The one day a year that’s yours and yours alone - celebrate your wonderful life and all that you are. 

3. Wedding Anniversaries. What could be better than remembering and cherishing the day that brought two people together in love? Celebrate your anniversary each year and keep the romance alive! 

4. National Holidays. National holidays provide us with the perfect opportunity to gather with our family, friends and loved ones, enjoy the traditions of our nation, and embrace all the freedoms we are given. 

5. A Long-Distance Friend's Birthday. Although we can’t all be together in the same place, it’s important to make the effort to let our long-distance friends know they are important to us by celebrating their birthdays with them. 

6. Easter. One of the most exciting times of year is a chance to recognize the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and bask in all of the blessings that have been brought into our lives. 

7. Thanksgiving. Not only is this a time to be grateful for all the abundance in our lives, but also an occasion to create wonderful new memories with our loved ones. 

8. Halloween is another important date to be in everyone's memories. Everyone should try celebrating Halloween once in their life - the spooky fun, silly costumes and delicious treats make for an unforgettable experience. 

9. Family Reunions. There’s something special about getting together with the extended family and reconnecting with distant relatives and close friends. Make this event memorable with plenty of stories, laughter and delicious food. 

10. An Old Family Tradition. For a truly unique and special celebration, nothing beats continuing a long-held family tradition - whether it’s an old-fashioned meal or an annual gathering.

These are just some of the dates that everyone should take time to celebrate - don’t let these moments slip by, as they’re essential for life’s fullness and joy! So mark them in your calendar, invite your loved ones and start counting down to some of the most important and exciting dates of your life.

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